A loves world peace
The last time I left the United States was about 8 or 9 years ago and it was just a little ways across the US-Canadian border. I can’t say I enjoy travelling because I haven’t done it all that often, but I’ve always wanted to. Going to Southeast Asia will be exciting and new. It’s definitely a good way to spend one of the last few semesters of university I have left. With the impending effects of anthropogenic climate change, this part of the world deserves extra care and attention, I hope I can one day return to this area in a few years.


K in Colombia
Returning to Singapore has been a dream of mine for 15 years. Even though I lived there when I was very young, I still have fond memories of the island nation. Living abroad in Europe and Asia allowed me to travel with my parents from a young age. Now as an “adult” I’m venturing out with A & G for four months in Southeast Asia.


G in Peru
This time in my life is meant for me to travel. Beginning my “Year of Travel” in Hawaii for December break, I am beyond excited to experience life in Southeast Asia. Having traveled to Europe and South America, I am ready for yet another exciting time exploring a different part of the world. I am extremely blessed to be educated at the National University of Singapore and expand both my cultural and technical knowledge in such a unique way. I am so excited to share this experience with A and K, and make new friends and memories during our semester long journey.