[K] Nightlife in Singapore: K&G turn 21 + Diplo at the best club in Asia

Hello everyone! We are alive! We haven’t done much writing so there’s some catching up to do! Our first weekend was quite a lively one as G’s birthday was on Friday and K’s was on Sunday, so we got a good taste of how nightlife works here.

Thursday Night: G’s Birthday

Restaurants on the river

Thursday night we hit up Clarke Quay where a lot of bars, clubs, and restaurants are located. We went to a bar called Wings first to catch up with our friend who used to go to college with us before moving back to Singapore. We got a “deal” which was four cocktails for S$60/US$40. Singapore has a heavy sin tax on betting, alcohol, and tobacco. It’s something like 40% tax plus a Goods and Service tax on top. I got an OK-tasting Pina Colada which is not surprising since we got a cocktail at a beer joint. It was nice to sit and talk before heading to up to the club at 11:30pm. Why so early? Well to get people to come in, clubs offer free admission and drink coupons if you come in before 11:30pm.
We went to a club called Attica for Hip Hop night. I think my favorite thing about the club was that the DJ was playing throwback hip hop hits from T-Pain, J-Kwon, and so on – I had flashbacks of middle school dances which were great. We realized that these types of clubs were not really our scene since it was REALLY loud and the lights were blinding. We left the club and our friend took us to Boat Quay where he said we could find beer for S$4/US$2.80! That’s a huge steal considering a beer will run you about S$8-11 in a nicer bar.

We walked down the beautifully lit Boat Quay to a little shop owned by a local named Jimmy. It was actually a seafood restaurant but our friend knows Jimmy, and he brought us out some Thai beers. I didn’t have one because I don’t drink beer, but I did have a sip and it wasn’t bad at all. We even met some Australians at the next table who were hilarious and completed the night. It was a nice way to ring in G’s birthday and a success considering we had no clue what we were doing.

Saturday Night: K’s Birthday

Before we left America, I had found out that there was a bar called Ce La Vi SkyBar (featured by Anthony Bourdain, our idol <3) at the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel which had a spectacular view of the city. We were ready to brace ourselves for a S$40 cover charge to get in, but our local friend alerted us about an event that was taking place that very night! There was free entry for those who signed up for an early bird ticket. A and G got in for free by my lateness caused me to pay $35 for a ticket, UGH.

We took the MRT to the Marina Bay Sands and explored the hotel for a bit before going up. The place was like a Vegas hotel, complete with marble floors, casino, and every designer store ever. Cartier, a two story Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Miu Miu, and many many more. We grabbed a bite to eat at the food court before getting up to the club. My ears were popping in the elevator up to the 57th floor,  but once we stepped outside I forgot about everything. The view was breathtaking. It sounds cliche but I have no words for that view. We could see everything- even the Merlion which is the symbol of Singapore! Behind the lounge is the famous infinity pool which is only open to guests of the hotel. A standard room at the Marina Bay Sands starts at US$450/night. ;_;

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
View from Ce La Vi

Ce La Vi is definitely more our style. It’s more of a lounge than a club, but classy and elegant one. It reminded me a lot of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. The DJ was playing chill, relaxing deep house and we even snagged a table by the view. The only downside was that it was blistering hot. We had to get in before 5:30pm so the sun was still out and blazing. It started to cool off as the sun set over the city and we quickly forgot about the heat. The drinks at Ce La Vi are, of course, very pricey but definitely worth every penny. I ordered two cocktails and got a free glass of Hennesy XO with my ticket, which was worth S$35 and made up for the charge. The headliner was DJ Alle Farben. I never heard of him but he played a great set! Ce La Vi was beautiful and I’m so amazed we got to go for the evening.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

After about 11:00pm we ended up going to another club called Altimate since we were on the guestlist and is boasted as being the highest club in Singapore. The club is indoors and you can only see the city from the huge windows. There is a rooftop bar called 1-Altitude which is like Ce La Vi, but we couldn’t go up there. Altimate did have a great view, but I was still star-struck from Ce La Vi. After midnight hit and I was officially 21, we called it a night (morning) and came back home.

Fast-forward one week: Diplo at the best club in Asia

For the past couple weeks we’ve been hearing from locals that the best club in all of Asia is a club called Zouk. It was apparently under renovation and only very recently opened up again. We weren’t really looking to go out to another party for a while but on Thursday, A stumbled upon something big: Diplo was coming to Zouk the very next day!!!!! I couldn’t believe this was real!!

Once again we geared up to go to Clarke Quay. The vibe was much more lively on Friday and we ate at a riverside Mexican restaurant before lining up to get our tickets. We got to Zouk at 9pm sharp and there was already a huge line. We managed to get in for S$45 which is actually a great deal since that included admission to the club to see Diplo as well as S$20 coupon for drinks. Zouk itself was totally worth it. Despite not being a fan of nightclubs, it was very impressive. A huge dance floor, a bunch of VIP areas, great lighting, and the opening DJ was playing current Hip Hop. I understood why everyone raved about it. It was totally empty when we got there so we left and went to Jimmy’s to hang out before getting back at 11pm. When we got back the line was out of control! Security told everyone waiting that the club was totally sold out! We re-entered and the place was totally packed.

Finally, Diplo came on at 1am. The crowd went wild and the front area where we were became a gross, sweaty mosh pit. I couldn’t even see Diplo despite being a few feet from him. Being squished by tons of sweaty people was not only disgusting, but dangerous for a small person like me, so G and I fled to the corner by the VIP tables. We lost A in the crowd but he found us after a while. It was wayyyy better on the edge of the crowd since I could breathe and enjoy the AMAZING set that Diplo played. My personal favorites: Express Yourself, Boy Oh Boy, and a remix of the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song. We stayed until he played Sorry and dipped out before the massive stampede of people that was sure to come.

I do think we’re all club-ed out for a while now since it will be hard to top Diplo and Zouk. Overall, I think we did alright for our first taste of Singaporean nightlife!


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